What You Should Not Be Doing In China

Just like any other country, China has its own culture and traditions maintained throughout thousands and hundreds of years. And unlike most western countries, Asians have much more traditions and norms that ought to be followed thoroughly and breaking any one of these could get you in to some serious trouble. So here are some things you should not be doing in China.  

Beware of your shoes and feet 

In China, when you are visiting certain homes and temples it is important that you don’t wear your shoes inside them. leave them out before you go in. some homes might not be too strict on having your shoes taken off, but unless said otherwise, it is always better that you leave them out. When it comes to sitting, you should be cautious that the underside of your feet or your sole isn’t facing the other person. It is considered a rather rude and disrespecting practice. So always make sure to sit in a way where this wouldn’t a problem. Do get a Mandarin tutor HK to help you brush up on some basics so that you are prepared to encounter whatever!  Mandarin tutor HK

Skip death, politics, Japan and religion topics 

Death, politics, China and Japan and even conversations based on religious beliefs are considered to be rather sensitive and uncomfortable topics. So it is best that you avoid making small talk on such matters. Chinese are also known for their rather hard core beliefs on luck and unluck, Feing Shui and such, and so, the color white is taken rather seriously among the locals in the country, especially since the color is closely associated to death. So even if you are gifting someone something, make sure that the wrapping paper isn’t white! You’ll truly be surprised at how little details like that could go a long way! So get lessons on how to learn Mandarin to make your life in China much easier and be on the safer side of things.  Viesw more here https://www.newconceptmandarin.com/about-us/

Avoid touching people  

Although certain western countries are all big on hugs and kisses especially when greeting people, in China most people don’t really appreciate being touched even when greeting one another. So it is best if you avoid doing so. You don’t have to bow either, a simple nod of acknowledgement would be best. It is also best to avoid patting someone on the head especially if you are not too close with the said person. In China the head is considered rather scared so tapping on it harshly is looked down upon in every way.  

Be careful with the gifts too  

While it is perfectly alright to gift a bunch of flowers, you might want to research on the kinds you should not be gifting as well, because certain flowers are considered unlucky or inappropriate.  

Consider the above and make wise choices especially when you are in China!