4 Things You Should Know About Coma Patients

Coma is a state of unresponsiveness. It is where a person looks like he or she is in a deep sleep but in reality they cannot be awakened with any of simulation including pain. Coma can be a very devastating situation for any person and family. It is indeed a very sad situation requiring much information of the situation to decide how long the person will be in the coma. Click here to know more about physiotherapy clinic.

What causes a coma?

The only cause for a coma is an injury to the brain. The injury can be due to any of the following reasons: increased pressure, severe bleeding, and loss of oxygen to the brain and a buildup of toxins within the brain. These can either cause a coma that is permanent or temporary. If a person suffers a head injury that causes trauma, it may eventually lead to coma if the RAS (Reticular Activating System) is damaged. The RAS is responsible for the arousing and awakening function of the brain. Strokes and very high levels of sugar can also be a main cause of coma.

The different types of coma

There are many different kinds of coma. Some may be cured and with maybe a pilates reformer treatment the person can return to normal functioning. Whilst others are more permanent. Some of the different types of coma are Toxic-metabolic encephalopathy, Anoxic brain injury, brain death & persistent vegetative state. Brain death is known to be the most irreversible type of coma that may occur if there is severe damage to the head or a severe loss of blood. The other kinds are more curable and may be cured with the right treatments. But the timing will differ from person to person.


There are very little known remedies for the coma itself. The main thing to get a person out of the coma is to find the underlying or the root cause of the coma. If for instance, a person has fallen into a coma due to high blood sugar and an infection caused thereof which led to the damage of the brain cells. The doctor should treat the infection with right antibiotics which will lead to the cure of the coma, eventually. It all depends on how much information the doctors are able to obtain. If they have the right details of the patient it is only a matter of giving the patient a physical rehabilitation before he is able to function as normal!


Finally, support is the most important thing to a person in a state of coma. Unless support is given to the doctors in the form of correct patient information, it is only going to be harder for them to cure the patient. It is therefore vital that all the correct information is given to them. Also the person in the state of coma should be looked after and cared for well, as he or she cannot do anything for themselves not even defend themselves. So always make sure to take good care of such a person!